Why posture matters

Why is statics so important? When I say Rolfing takes care of posture, everyone straightens up. As if we all had a guilty conscience about it. In doing so, attitude is not the goal, rather our attitude is a mirror of us. Our attitude shows how we travel in life, very personally. That’s why we recognize people from the corner of our eye, we only need a picture of the posture in order to recognize who it is.

We can not pretend to have a set-up posture for a very long time. It is like holding your breath. Eventually, you need to return to your natural breathing pattern. That is in posture, you settle back where you are at home. Our posture is like our fingerprint. Except in changes over time, due to good and bad experiences, our body and soul are exposed to.

Our posture is formed by our statics. From the Rolfing point of view, there are many ways to change these statics and indirectly adopt a different posture, thereby moving more efficiently, having less pain and feeling better in the end.

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