back pain and a solution found in Rolfing
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In this article, Jamie Stone share with us her experience about Rolfing® and how this method gave relief to her daily lower back pain:

…One thing Rolfing has really taught me is how important simply moving your body is, especially as you get into your late twenties and thirties… (..) I no longer have terrible lower back pain. If you’ve ever experienced anything similar, I know you’ll likely agree with me!…

JAMIE STONE May 31, 2018

Key insights from this experience for lower back pain

Did you really notice the age? Late twenties early thirties! And the key besides Rolfing is movement, so why? Just imagine you not don’t move, no changing tensions traveling through your body. Temperature always nice, yes this is a modern world, so no sensations to the skin. Eyes banned by Netflix, hence no need to reorient with the head. The result is, your body perception dissolves. Your mind knows less and less where you are, that is, perceived safety is also getting less and less. And this despite the fact, that looking from outside everything looks nice and easy and safe!

Ultimately no movement leads to less experienced safety. And this increases our overall tension, being ready for flight or fight. Nothing of this tension is used, it just stays in the body, Netflix still on. We only realize that our alarm system is on, when we are in pain. May be back pain, may be digestive problems, stiff neck, headache pick any more general complaint, with no simple medical explanation like in above insignificant MRI.

The treatment is quite straight forward. Reestablish perception and ask for movement, which is pretty close to the definition of Rolfing.

Where I hold the breath

She says, she lives by the “no pain, no gain” motto and obviously she was served well. To me this sounds like, a party is only great if you have a great hang over. To teach your body perception and by this finding a way for the tissue to let go should not be a way of surrender but an embracing of change! My take on pain is different.