What does the Rolfing 10 Series have to do with spring cleaning?

Rolfing 10 Series as spring cleaning?

In this Rolfing 10 series overview you can read why Rolfing can be compared to a spring cleaning.

You start your spring cleaning after a heavier time. Because in spring you finally want to free yourself from the ballast of the dark season and start into brighter days. You will proceed systematically and thoroughly so as not to overlook dark and unused areas of your home. And finally, on sunny days you can enjoy the new splendour of your familiar home. You may also secede from superfluous things that you no longer need – even if you are just clearing away some winter things for future cold days. This sounds like a Rolfing 10 Series overview for your residential area.

Rolfing – Structural integration goes a similar way in the 10 series. Our life story is reflected in our posture, alignment and movement. This may have resulted in some “accumulation”. In our lives we have worked on, compensated or repressed all influences in the best possible way for us at that time.

Rolfing ™ – Structural Integration will work

  • systematic
  • thorough
  • customized

to make your body structure more efficient so that you feel better. This usually means

  • less pain
  • less tension
  • easier movements
  • a more comprehensive body feeling

Rolfing 10 Series Overview

Here you can see a list of the goals pursued in the 10 series. Each session has one of these goals in mind and does not consist of a sequence of steps and manual techniques. Rather, it is a matter of finding a very individual approach to the respective goal. The targets are:

  1. Preparing the upper body for possible changes in the centre of gravity.
  2. Get your feet flexible on the ground.
  3. Open the sideline from knee to shoulder.
  4. Balance the inside of the legs to position the pelvis over the knees and feet.
  5. Achieve mobility of the abdominal cavity for the organs above the pelvis.
  6. Create balanced tension lines in the back.
  7. Position the head “lightly weighted” over the upper body over a free neck.
  8. Improve joint mobility and efficiency of upper body strength.
  9. Achieve corresponding freedom as in 8. for the lower body.
  10. Remove residual stresses in the surface.

Limits of the Rolfing 10 Series

The Rolfing 10er series does not contain any kind of healing promise, this would also be highly dubious. The effect of the 10 series seems to depend on three essential factors:

  1. Personal history, experiences, injuries, accidents, the mix of good and heavy – all this defines the starting point for the development that is possible with the Rolfing 10 Series.
  2. Body perception – trained by movement, but unfortunately also by pain – functions like a magnifying glass that perceives, evaluates and accepts changes in our statics, our body tension and our spectrum of movement in varying degrees of detail.
  3. Freedom to change. This is a tricky point, because even if we want changes, for example because we have pain, all our compensations have helped us in our lives. That is, sometimes we have to leave an old shore to reach a new one.

Beyond the Rolfing 10 Series

This Rolfing 10 Series Overview is designed to give you a first impression of what Rolfing’s goals are. Rolfing does not only consist of the 10 series. There are clients who come with a specific concern for some sessions and others who appear quite regularly. The 10 series is not a recipe like the hot dog at Ikea, which is always the same. Rather, it is an adapted 10-course menu with a clear structure, but very individual ingredients. After this extensive menu we should be full for the time being, but in the best case after some time we have again desire and the readiness for a further course.

Rolfing™ besteht nicht nur aus der 10er Serie. Es gibt Klienten, die mit einem spezifischen Anliegen für einige Sitzungen kommen und andere, die ganz regelmäßig erscheinen. Die 10er Serie ist kein Rezept, wie der Hotdog bei Ikea, der immer gleich ist. Vielmehr ist es ein angepasstes 10-Gänge-Menü mit einem klaren Aufbau, aber sehr individuellen Zutaten. Nach diesem umfangreichen Menü sollten wir erst einmal satt sein, haben aber im besten Fall nach einiger Zeit wieder Lust und die Bereitschaft auf einen weiteren Gang.