Rolfing 10 Series – Goals and Implementation - looking on our upright posture
Your posture
Rolfing 10 series -goals - release of tension and pain
Your Pain

The aim of the Rolfing 10 Series is to change posture. However, attitude is unfortunately only rarely a good motivator for change. Usually it is pain and tension that cause people to start looking for change. In Rolfing, however, posture and its change is a measure of success. The posture often shows very clearly where tensions, shortenings and pressure loads have accumulated.

Why we recognize problems in posture

Visibility of tensions

Do you see in the picture where tension and pain will occur? mehr lesen

Tissue damage due to posture or
Why Rolfing 10 series works on posture

Course of damage

Destructive pressure

The entire weight of the body from the knee upwards falls backwards mehr lesen


There are tissues in our body, mehr lesen

Conclusion 1 – Knee problems are inevitable

It is sufficient to bring the body weight backwards out of balance. mehr lesen

Are the high heels to blame?

As crazy as it sounds, it’s actually possible. Perhaps you have already noticed the difference. There are women who look better with higher heels, while others mehr lesen

Rolfing 10 Series as a Method

Let’s get back to Anna. She reports knee pain and sporadic gastrointestinal pain, but nothing was ever really found. A pure treatment of the knee with its ligaments and menisci will not bring about any lasting improvement. The interactions are too complex for that and knee pain is actually only a symptom for a shifted statics.

The Rolfing 10 Series will now systematically strive for change in order to reduce the load on the knee in the long term and possibly achieve a relief of the gastrointestinal tract.

Rolfing 10 Series – Session 1-3 The Outer Intro

The first session – we start

The Rolfing 10 Series starts mehr lesen

Rolfing 10 Series – The Midline

The fourth and fifth sessions form a unit mehr lesen

Rolfing 10 series -goals - centerline
Straightening along the centerline
Inside legs – pelvis – abdomen

Above the knee, active force continues to travel up on the inside, mehr lesen

The back – 6th session

Rolfing 10 series -goals - back pain

An upright back
heel to neck

In the sixth session, the client is in the prone position for the first time. This session forms the antithesis to
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Rolfing 10 Series – Integration

Hand to trunk – the 8th session

Rolfing 10 series -goals - shoulder pain
Organize the body behind a
reaching hand

The eighth session follows the connection from the hand to the shoulder and finally to the spine. mehr lesen

9th session – the knee as an indicator of organization

Rolfing 10 series -goals - knee pain
foot – knee – pelvis – back
the long way of straightening from below

The ninth session is the lower equivalent mehr lesen

Farewell to the Rolfing 10 Series

Rolfing 10 series -goals - farewell
Take care

The tenth session is the conclusion of the Rolfing 10 series, which hopefully has promoted insights into your own body so far. mehr lesen

That’s it?

The 10 series is finished with the 10th session and actually this cycle is over. Are there more cycles? Definitely, but they don’t consist of a repetition of the 10 series! These cycles arise from a new agreement between Rolfer and the client to work on new goals. There may be references to the 10 series, but often this work is completely detached from it.