your rolfing session in ratingen
Your Session

Here you can find out how you can imagine your Rolfing session, how you prepare for it and how high the Rolfing costs are. To make an appointment, you can book the Rolfing session online, call me or use the contact form.

The course of your Rolfing session

  • You tell me how you feel, what kind of changes you observe on/in yourself and what you have on your mind.
  • I will watch you walking and will probably ask for some more specific movements to see your movement pattern and how your posture adapts to your movements.
  • I will continue my analytical part with hands-on sensing where and how your tensions are organized in your body.


  • You will lay down on a height-adjustable table, if possible and/or adequate. I will work on you and with you, and this is most likely the work you already know from pictures: Slow melting into the tissue to reach for the focused level of the fascia. Fascia (Wikipedia: fascia) is the domain of Rolfing and as fascia is not only developing all our muscles but also bones, organs, and nerves practically all levels of our body are accessible.
  • Functional work to integrate the structural, hands-on work into your movement pattern: Open your awareness to embody new movement pattern. This can be a movement exercise, one you may take home as homework. This can also be an awareness exercise.
    Maybe you contract your shoulder inwards before you lift your arm?  Any changes on tissue level will not persist if there is no reorganization of movement habits, even if the tissue change produced pain relief. To avoid returning to old patterns and thus to old pain it needs an embodiment of new movement options. You are then looking for safety and comfort in this movement to allow your subconsciousness to pick the new pattern rather than the old one when needed in everyday life.
  • Final integration of the session. Imagine, your right shoulder blade sinks intentionally by 2 mm due to the treatment. And the shoulder is happy in its new position. The question remains, if you feel are happy too? How is your perception standing, do you think you’re tilting to one side? I will make every effort so that you can accept this change and find a balance between stability and mobility.

Reasons for your Rolfing session could be:

Your preparation for your Rolfing session

  • Wear comfortable underwear
  • In the standard you undress down to underpants/BH. If – for whatever reason – you would like to handle this differently, please let me know. I’ll adjust to that.
  • Please do not apply perfume.

Your time after your session

  • Plan time for yourself. This allows the Rolfing session to have a meaningful effect.
  • Drink a lot to rinse out released deposits.
  • Go for a walk, if possible, because walking is the most natural movement in which we can live. With this you offer your body the possibility of integration.

Rolfing costs – duration / pricing

  • Session duration 75 minutes (1st session approx. 90 minutes)
  • Costs per session 110 €
  • Session for children and adolescents approx. 45 minutes € 60
  • If the price is not affordable for you – I will keep one place free for a 10 series, where you can choose the price that suits you best. Talk to me.
  • You pay cash or on account. You will receive a Heilpraktiker invoice. You can claim a substatial reimbursement if you have a private health insurance. If you need a receipt for this, I am happy to mail you an invoice or receipt.