your rolfing appointment

How does it work

You can make your reservation for a Rolfing session online. You need to register for your Rolfing appointment. Your personal data will be used by me only to maintain your health record. If you do not find a convenient date, please do not hesitate to give me a call. (Not all times are open for online booking.)

While entering the online booking, a confirmation code will be sent to you by e-mail. This code merely confirms your e-mail address.

Phone: 01515 0617 075
Whatsapp: My preferred way. Use to floating icon to the right for quick access.


You can select a language. However, in the English version, some translations may still be missing.

Searching for an Appointment

(Not all days of the week are open for online booking)

Get Help with the German Appointment Form

Below you find each screen of the Rolfing appointment form filled with either my data or my praxis address to ease what to enter.

Screen by Screen Translations for Rolfing appointment form in German

A welcome screen, just hit the blue button at the bottom.

Willkommen bei der online Terminbuchung. (Welcome at your online appointment)

Rolfing Appointment welcome screen
  • In wenigen Schritten zum Termin: – (in a few steps to your appointment)
  • (1) Persönliche Daten – (personal data)
  • (2) Leistung auswählen – (select service)
  • (3) Zeitangaben für Terminsuche – (timeframe for searching an appointment)
  • (4) Termin auswählen – (select appointment)
  • (5) Bestätigen – (confirmation)

Weiter zur Terminbuchung – (continue )

contact data – option 1

Not your option if you are here for the first time

Ich hatte schon einen Termin – I already had an appointment
Rolfing appointment - you alread had an appointment

Geben Sie ihre Email-Adresse ein: (please enter your Email)

Noch keinen persönlichen Code oder Code nicht zur Hand? Einfach auf “Code anfordern” klicken.. (No personal code yet or no personal code at hand? Just click “Persönlichen Code anfordern” / request code.)

Hier den persönlichen Code eingeben: (please enter your personal code here)

Persönlicher Code (personal code)

contact data – option 2 – your registration

Ich hatte noch keinen Termin – I did not have an appointment yet

If this is your first Rolfing appointment then you have to register here as a new client

Appointment - registration - translating Kontaktdaten

Enter your data here – Fields with red square are mandatory

  • Titel – (titel)
  • Vorname – (prenome)
  • Nachname – (last name)
  • Geschlecht – (gender männlich/male weiblich/female)
  • Geburtsdatum – (date of birth)
  • Email – (email)
  • Handy – (mobile)
  • Straße – (street)
  • PLZ – (zip)
  • Stadt -(town)
  • Land -(country)

Hit “Code anfordern”, look for an incoming email – perhaps in spam. Get the code and enter in the field below klick “weiter..” to proceed

Rolfing appointment - confirmation of email

Noch keinen persönlichen Code oder Code nicht zur Hand? Einfach auf “Code anfordern” klicken… (No personal code yet or no personal code at hand? Just click “Code anfordern” / request code.)

You will receive your code per email.

Hier den persönlichen Code eingeben: (enter your personal code here)
Persönlicher Code (personal code)

Blue button “weiter…” (continue…)

This one is ease – just confirm (“auswählen”).

select a rolfing Appointment

The title of all sessions is “rolfing session” regardless of your actual needs and my setting of our session. The work can include Rolfing, osteopathy, cranial sacral therapy, visceral or neural manipulation, Dermo Neuro Modulating (DNM) …

Terminsuche – Search for an appointment

Finally, you search a slot for your Rolfing appointment. Select week, weekday and your availability during the time of the day,

Select the frame to search for a Rolfing appointment

Terminsuche beginnt… (start search – select in dropdown box)

  • diese Woche – (in this week))
  • in einer Woche – (in next week))
  • in zwei Wochen – (in two weeks)

Wochentage auswählen, in denen nach einem Termin gesucht werden soll. (Select days of week to be considered by the search)

Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Terminauswahl – Appointment selection

You nearly made it. Select a convenient date and press “Auswählen”

Select date and time
  • Auswählen (select)
  • Or
  • click “3” just below “Terminauswahl” to go back to your date preference

There is still one confirmation to come to finalize your appointment


You find your contact information – name and email

Summery of your appointment - confirm data

Leistungen (service) – this is a preselection – always Rolfing .

There is an optional field labled “ANMERKUNGEN HINZUFÜGEN” where you can enter any information that is ment to reach me.

Press the blue bar at the bottom to fix your appointment.


You made it 🙂

appointment - confirmation - translation

(Thank you, the appointment was successfully fixed. You get a confirmation shortly.)

You can reach me with this contact form …

You actually get an email – German

Your mail will look like this:

Hallo Asmus Wanke,

ich möchte den Termin am 25.07.2018 10:00 bestätigen.

Sie möchten den Termin absagen? Bis 48 Stunden vor dem Termin einfach auf den folgenden link klicken:

Hallo …,
I want to confirm the appointment …

Do you want to cancel your appointment? Up to 48 hours prior to the appointment you can just click the link below.

If you want to cancel you Rolfing appointment

There is a link in your confirmation email. Click on this link and you get the following:

Cancel Rolfing appointment via link in email
Your screen for canceling your Rolfing appointment
  • Sie können nicht an diesem Termin – You are not available at that date.
  • Einfach die Felder ausfüllen und den Termin Absagen. – Simply fill in the form an cancle your appointment.
  • Termin – Appointment
  • Checkbox Ersatztermin erbeten – Ask for new date.
  • Nachricht – message
  • Red button with “Termin absagen” – cancle Rolfing appointment