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How Rolfing is used as pain therapy
How Rolfing is used as pain therapy

Pain, especially if it is chronic, will change our posture. But it will also result in tissue adaptation. The dissolution of the resulting tension and posture changes is a core area of ​​Rolfing.

Contact to increase your bodily efficiency
Increase your bodily efficiency

There are two aspects to efficiency increase in Rolfing. On the one hand there is the elimination of opposing tensions, on the other hand the storage of kinetic energy in the fascial system.

Well-being or the art to get rid of stress
Well-being or the art to get rid of stress

Well-being is the art of being at home in your own body. Do not confuse with wellness ! Well-being is much more profound, it has more seriousness in it and is the base for change

Fascia massage the holistic approach in Rolfing

Rolfing is a fascia massage, because it mainly uses the facial system for manual therapy. Fascia penetrates the entire body as an enveloping and connecting tension network. The art of fascial massage now consists in staying exactly in this intermediate layer and achieving targeted changes.

It’s like you want to make a rock jump over the water. It takes the right angle and the right force to hold the stone above the surface for a few jumps. Otherwise, you just throw a stone through the surface into the water.

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