Asmus Wanke – as a Rolfer – as a non-medical practitioner (Heilpraktiker)

In the following I would like to introduce myself briefly. First, my conviction as Rolfer and therapist and my career. My passion is also this website and therefore at the end of an explanation why I do not use medical images.

Heilpraktiker Asmus Wanke - Certified Advanced Rolfer

My Philosophy

  • Always believe in the possibility of positive change! We are so confident in our belief that it is only getting worse. On the other hand, I am convinced that with our own commitment and support, we can always turn things into positive ones.
  • Seeing change as a challenge rather than a threat
  • To seek, find and work on the cause – in contrast to pure symptom treatment
  • The person in the foreground, not the treatment.
  • Respecting any boundaries.
  • Do no harm.

My Skills

  • Certified Advanced Rolfer
  • Cranio Sacral Osteopathy
  • Visceral Osteopathy
  • Neural Osteopathy
  • DNM – Dermal neuro modulation
  • Scar treatment

Roles in my life

roles in my life - Asmus Wanke

  • oldest son
  • apprentice
  • businessman
  • student
  • engineer
  • husband
  • entrepreneur
  • father
  • house husband
  • Hap-Ki-Do black belt
  • consultant
  • Rolfer

A frame for change

There are two extremes in manual therapy. One is the belief that tissue changes can ultimately be achieved by force only. The resulting pain is then not only a side effect, but almost an indication of the efficiency of the treatment. Ie. The more the patient endures, the further the therapist can go, the better the effect. On the other side of the spectrum is the sole maintenance of an attentive frame within which the wisdom of the body will make the right decisions.

In hundreds of hours, I have experienced the full range of manual work on and on my own body. My point of view is:

If the path to change is pain, neither your tissue nor your body will accept that suggestion in the long term. It’s like showing you a new route to the market that’s dark, cumbersome and marked with alarm lights behind each bend. Will you go that way if you have the choice? How do you use your shoulder when you want to catch the falling toothbrush – in the familiar old way or on the supposedly better new way along the flashing warning triangles? Your brain has to make the decision in less than 0.1 seconds, d. H. Stress.

If you are looking for a way out of painful and restrictive protective postures, then you need a pleasant, supportive learning environment. This not only means no pain, but ideally a “feel-good atmosphere”.

I am convinced that it is not enough just to offer a space for change. Rather, it is important to find restrictions and to seek a path to dissolution.

My own experience as a client

My way as a Rolfer

Certification as Rolfer in 2006

  • Supplement Cranio Sacral Therapy complete education with Ramraj Ulrich Löwe
  • ongoing education
    • Rolfing ™/ SI (Harvey Burns, Peter Schwind, Christoph Sommer, Jan Sultan, Gerhard Hesse, Paola Volpones,  Valerie Berg, Ed Maupin, Pedro Prado, Jon Martin, Bill Smyth. )
    • Visceral / Neuronal Osteopathy in munich group with Jean-Pierre Barral, Christoph Sommer, Peter Schwind, Didier Prat, Maria Laura Gentilini, René Zweedijk, Bruno Donatini
    • scarwork with Sharon Wheeler Narbenportal
    • Dermo Neuro Modulating according to Diane Jacobs with Jon Martin
  • Certifcation as Advanced Rolfer in 2015
  • Examination for German alternative health practitioner / Heilpraktiker



I was a member of the Management Board of the Rolfingverband Deutschland e.V. from 2016 to 2022. The association aims to make Rolfing better known and create a learning and exchange network.

Impressions from Rolfing Camp 2019

This my website – as a Rolfer

Rolfing 10er Serie 8 Session
Seriously light-headed

The popularity of Rolfing, unfortunately, does not live up to its potential. I admire the sincerity and intelligence that Dr Ida Rolf has invested to understand the attitude and our alignment. But this seriousness sometimes makes access difficult.

I think, seriousness should be light-headed. That’s why I illustrate various aspects of Rolfing on my topic page . Since these articles are not aimed at the medically trained reader, I do without medical images. It would therefore be a misunderstanding to consider this a lack of seriousness.