Why efficiency matters for you well-being

Why do we get stiffer and more motionless when we age? And what can we do about it? The obvious answer, of course, is to move at all. But what about our movement efficiency? For example, how many ways do we have to lift the arm? And did we discard certain movement patterns due to injuries? Or eliminated because of intensive training?

Movements are composed of myriads of smaller sub-movements, stabilization and quick correction if something runs out of the rudder. Injuries, as well as experiences, can limit the number of sub-components to compose a specific movement. You can end up playing the piano with more and more keys missing. And as our brain levels out these missing pieces, we tend to no notice our growing limitations.

Movement efficiency is not only a question for athletes but above all for people who want to age joyfully. The same applies to people who have lived with injuries and their consequences for a long time.

Post on efficiency in movement from a Rolfing perspective